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Caves in Demanovska valley

Demanovska Valley - Caves in Demanovska valley - 0

The nature monument Demanovská caves is the longest cave system in Slovakia. It is situated in the north of the Slovakia,, on the territory of the Low Tatras national park. Demanovska ice cave is also important from the historical point of view.

The Cave of Liberty - entrance to this cave is at elevation of 900 m. It is accessible by foothpath leading from the parking lot offering parking and refreshement. The cave offers view of waterfalls and columns, stalactites and stalagmites. Flow of Demanovka river offers incredible mix of colors, lights and darkness. In the cave were found bones of the cave bear together with new bat mouse species. The cave was discovered by A. Kral, A. Misura and other explorers through the hole of Demanovka river in 1921. The length of accessible pathway is 1800 m. Pathways are aproximately 1100 and 2100 m long.

Demanovska Ice Cave - entrance to the cave isnear the Kamenna cottage. The entrance lies in elevation 840 m, about 90 m above the bottom of the valley.The cave length is 1750 m.
The first written mention about the caves in Demanovska valley dates back to the 1299. At present, 650 m of the cave system is open to public. The length of the trail is about 800 m.

Demanovska Valley - Caves in Demanovska valley - 0